David Long, Digital Audio Mixer & Editor

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In the Mix with David

Having been interested in TV and film since a young age, David went on to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Film Production at Montana State University, Bozeman. After moving to Los Angeles, David has worked for the last twenty five years in the sound industry as a Post Production Sound Engineer. He has worked on television, feature films, short films at places such as Sony Pictures, Modern Sound, Warner Brothers Studios, and The Walt Disney Studios.


Throughout the years David has developed close relationships with directors, sound editors, music editors and composers. He is skilled in post production, Pro Tools, dialogue editing, and audio post production, and video production. David is a member of the Motion Picture Editors Guild.


In his free time he enjoys bike riding, spending time with his family and attending his son’s baseball games. 

“Random Stop” is a first-person P.O.V. recreation of events from the life of a highway patrolman.
The film is based on the true story of Sheriff’s Deputy Kyle Dinkheller who - at the end of a shift
- pulled over a speeding pickup truck driven by disturbed Vietnam veteran, Andrew Brannan. The
results of this routine traffic stop were both tragic and deadly. Footage of the stop is now used in
police training throughout the world. Told from an incredibly unique perspective, “Random Stop”
gives viewers unprecedented insight into the dangers that law enforcement officers face daily. It
is a deeply visceral and highly emotional experience that is difficult to ignore or forget​.

supervising sound editor David B.Long