Fringe (2009)

(TV Series)

(audio layback - 18 episodes) 

Once Upon a Time


(TV Series) 

(digital layback - 43 episodes)




October Road (2007)

(TV Series) (audio layback - 13 episodes) 



Qianying Zhou_The Train_NYFA BFA​

DisOrientation  (2012)

Sound Editor, Sound Re-Recording Mixer, Supervising Sound Editor






No Ordinary Family (2011)

 (TV Series) (audio layback - 19 episodes) 

"11" a film by JANUSZ MADEJ

Wiener Dog Nationals (2013)

Sound Re-Recording Mixer &

Supervisor Sound Editor




     David is an amazing mixer. He took a docu we shot with poor limited lav mics recorded in an office with AC on, and removed all the noise and        made it playback for theatrical at 85db. David is nothing short of incredible I want him to mix (ahem... fix) every show that I cut.     A.J. Catoline Editor 

       Sound Design Projects...



4D Theatrical Short    Sound supervisor,   Rerecording Mixer

Wiener Dog Internationals (2015) trailer

Mistresses (2013) 

(TV Series) (audio layback - 13 episodes) 


Man Up (2012)

(TV Series)

(audio layback - 12 episodes)